Meet the Gang

At Coelement, our core team is small, and that’s by design. This makes us nimble and agile. It enables us to custom build a team of artists that’s perfect for your project. We partner with a diverse and experienced group award winning talent. Writers, directors, animators and video editors, collectively they make up an all star roster of uber creative individuals that can help bring your vision to life.
Adam Duguay / Director of Operations

Adam Duguay is Managing Partner / Director of Operations with Coelement Inc., a Winnipeg-based video agency  focused on video production and interactive storytelling. With over 17 years experience in digital and broadcast media, Adam is an award winning broadcast designer, video editor and animator. He has produced content for some of North America’s largest brands and media companies such as AOL Time Warner, Global Television, Corus Entertainment, Fox Sports, McDonald’s and United Health Care.

As Director of Operations, Adam works closely with Coelement’s partners and clients to develop strategies that  meet their objectives. Adam’s deep understanding of the target audience and the medium helps drive the narrative and storytelling process. Adam then works with the Coelement team to ensure the final product is true to the brand, and meets all objectives.

Mack Vargas / Motion Design Lead

Mack Vargas is a recent graduate with Honours of the Red River College Digital Media Design program and works as a Design and Animation Lead with Coelement.

While working at Coelement, Mack has taken the lead on a wide range of projects, including animation, interactive projects, graphic design and video editing. Mackenzie specializes in motion graphics and animation, using his strong design sense and information visualization abilities to create eye catching infographics, character animations, special effects, and 3D animation.

Josh Benoit / Production Coordinator

Josh Benoit is Coelement’s Production Coordinator. Josh has over a decade’s worth of filmmaking experience in various roles, from writing and directing to wardrobe and location scouting. At Coelement, his responsibilities include client services, project management, and creative development.

He brings with him the experience and sensibilities he acquired directing music videos and short films and applies this same creative energy towards Coelement client projects.

Ryan Mitchell / Video Producer

Prior to joining the Coelement team, Ryan Mitchell was a producer, freelance filmmaker and motion designer in Winnipeg. He studied Film Production at the Vancouver Film School and also has a diploma in Broadcasting from Assiniboine Community College. With over ten years experience in the film and video production industry, Ryan has worked on many notable broadcast and film projects in Manitoba such as OLN’s “Polar Bear Town” and the film “Trench Eleven”, scheduled to be released internationally in 2017.

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