We believe powerful storytelling can accelerate business, but we also deeply believe it should be harnessed as a force for good.

That’s why we started Stories for Change, an annual fundraising initiative that helps nonprofit and charitable organizations in our community focused on positive social and environmental impact.

The Story Behind Stories for Change

Our Stories for Change Charitable Partner for 2022 was Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba.

Our Goal

Help these organizations fuel their mission, and together, create positive change in our community.

We believe powerful storytelling can connect, motivate and bring people together in profound and emotional ways. It’s what we do best. So whether it’s awareness, fundraising, advocacy or anything else that can help these organizations reach their goals, we’re here to help make that happen.


We donate a percentage of our profits from every client project to fund a storytelling initiative for a local nonprofit or charitable organizaton in need. So when you work with us, we’re working together to create Stories for Change.

How to Apply

We are currently looking for our 2024 partner! If you work for a local nonprofit or charitable organization that could use our help, we would love to hear from you. You can start the Stories for Change application process by filling out a short questionnaire.

We carefully consider each application. Our selection process is executed by our syndicate of local contacts that carry significant experience in non-profit, charitable, social and environmental impact.

Our Vision

As a boutique video agency, we needed to start small to ensure we can utilize our resources effectively and maximize the positive impact we create for each partner we collaborate with. 

Currently we are partnering with one charitable or nonprofit each year, but our long term vision for the Stories for Change initiative is to be helping many of these organizations annually. We believe we can achieve this by bringing local storytellers, creators and strategists together with nonprofit and charitable organizations in need to expand our efforts to create positive change in our community and create a brighter future for all Winnipeggers.