Case Study: MB Chamber Climate Action Video Series

This case study showcases the innovative collaboration between Coelement and the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce, in producing the “Climate Action Story” video series. This series encapsulates the vision of Manitoba Chamber of Commerce to encourage businesses to help drive climate action by highlighting powerful stories of Manitoba businesses doing just that.

Understanding the Mission

In the pursuit of inspiring meaningful change, Coelement collaborated with the Manitoba Chamber of Commerce to comprehend their vision fully. The mission was clear: encourage businesses to spearhead climate action. This initial step laid the foundation for the creation of a compelling video series, aiming the spotlight at businesses dedicated to fostering a sustainable future for Manitoba.

Crafting the Narrative

Climate Action Story 1: Milieu – A Zero Waste Market Leading the Way:

The first chapter of our series delves into Milieu Market, an eco-friendly, zero-waste market transcending the conventional business model. Coelement meticulously crafted the narrative, working closely with the MB Chamber to capture the essence of the founder and owner of Milieu Market, Jules Plett’s commitment to environmental responsibility. Through visually stunning motion graphics and compelling storytelling, the video unfolds the passion and purpose driving Jules’s efforts to align profitability with purpose and set a paradigm for sustainability in Manitoba.

Climate Action Story 2: Assiniboine Credit Union – Pioneering Environmental Sustainability:

The second instalment turns the spotlight to Assiniboine Credit Union, led by Dennis Cunningham, Manager of Environmental Sustainability. We showcased the comprehensive approach the credit union takes driving climate action by assessing business risk, enhancing resilience to climate change, and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Dennis Cunningham’s insights serve as a blueprint, illustrating how any business can navigate the delicate balance between financial success and environmental responsibility.

Achieving Impactful Results

The “Climate Action Story” series isn’t just a collection of videos; it’s a strategic call to action. Through the lens of Coelement’s camera, the dedication of businesses like Milieu and Assiniboine Credit Union is brought to life, inspiring meaningful change. The impact goes beyond storytelling; it becomes a catalyst for businesses to align their missions with sustainability.

As a video agency committed to purposeful storytelling, Coelement is honored to have played a pivotal role in amplifying these voices. The results are not just visual narratives but a contribution to Manitoba’s journey towards a sustainable and resilient future.