CASE STUDY: Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba.

“Khalia’s Story”

Khalia’s Story, a video created for Ronald McDonald House Charities Manitoba, embodies the power of purpose-driven storytelling to inspire hope, support, and compassion. In this case study, we will explore the challenges faced by Ronald Mcdonald House Charities and the transformative impact of sharing Khalia’s journey to their audience of donors, volunteers and supporters.

Discovering the Challenges

When Ronald McDonald House Charities approached us, we embarked on a discovery process to understand the goals and challenges of the campaign. Here’s what we discovered:

  1. Raising Awareness: The primary challenge was to raise awareness about the mission and impact of Ronald McDonald House Charities. The organization needed a way to communicate the profound difference it makes in the lives of families with critically ill children, offering a home away from home and vital support during challenging times.

  2. Emotional Connection: Establishing an emotional connection with viewers was crucial. We needed to share a story that would touch hearts, evoke empathy, and inspire action. It was essential to highlight the resilience, courage, and strength of the families supported by Ronald McDonald House Charities and convey the importance of community involvement.

  3. Fundraising and Support: Generating financial support and encouraging involvement from donors, volunteers, and corporate partners were essential objectives. The challenge was to effectively convey the impact of their contributions, making it clear how every act of support could transform the lives of families facing medical crises.

The Storytelling Concept

Drawing inspiration from Khalia’s remarkable journey, we developed a storytelling concept that would create a profound emotional connection with viewers and inspire them to get involved. The video project centered around Khalia, a brave baby girl and her family who had experienced firsthand the support provided by Ronald McDonald House Charities.

The video aimed to capture the challenges faced by Khalia and her family during her medical journey, highlighting the importance of having a “home away from home” and the unwavering support they received from Ronald McDonald House Charities. 

By showcasing the compassion, care, and community spirit of the organization, we sought to inspire viewers to join the cause and contribute to the well-being of other families in similar situations.

Through powerful storytelling techniques, including Khalia’s own narrative, intimate interviews with her family, and poignant visuals, the video aimed to evoke empathy, convey the impact of Ronald McDonald House Charities’ work, and ignite a sense of urgency in viewers to lend their support.

Results and Impact

The video project, “Khalia’s Story,” had a profound impact on both the organization and its audience. Here are some notable outcomes:

  1. Increased Awareness: The video successfully raised awareness about Ronald McDonald House Charities, reaching a wide audience through various online platforms, social media shares, and targeted campaigns. Viewers gained a deeper understanding of the organization’s mission and the critical role it plays in supporting families facing medical challenges.

  2. Emotional Connection: The storytelling approach fostered a powerful emotional connection with viewers. Khalia’s courage, her family’s resilience, and the unwavering support provided by Ronald McDonald House Charities touched hearts and inspired empathy, leading to increased engagement and support from the community.

  3. Fundraising and Support: The video project successfully drove increased financial support and involvement from donors, volunteers, and corporate partners. The emotional impact of Khalia’s story, coupled with the organization’s clear call-to-action, encouraged viewers to donate, volunteer, and spread the message, resulting in tangible support for Ronald McDonald House Charities.

  4. Community Engagement: The project fostered a strong sense of community among those who watched and shared the video. Viewers were compelled to engage with Ronald McDonald House Charities, sharing their own stories, organizing fundraisers, and spreading awareness through social media and word-of-mouth. The project ignited a movement of compassion and support, creating a network of individuals dedicated to making a difference in the lives of families with critically ill children.


“Khalia’s Story,” for Ronald McDonald House Charities, successfully achieved its goals of raising awareness, establishing an emotional connection, and driving community engagement. Through the power of storytelling, the project showcased the impact of the organization’s support on the lives of families facing medical challenges. The video inspired viewers to become advocates, donors, and volunteers, igniting a movement of compassion and solidarity. 

By sharing Khalia’s journey, Ronald McDonald House Charities touched hearts, raised crucial funds, and fostered a community committed to providing hope and making a lasting impact on the lives of families, reminding them that they are not alone on their journey towards healing and recovery.