CASE STUDY: “I am a CPHR” Video Series

This case study showcases the innovative collaboration between Coelement. and the Chartered Professionals in Human Resources (CPHR) – Manitoba Chapter, in producing the “I am a CPHR” video series. This first-person narrative video series, featuring dynamic and cinematic storytelling, marks a strategic effort to enhance the CPHR brand, demonstrating the significant impact of the CPHR designation in the professional world.

Understanding the Mission

Initial discussions with CPHR Manitoba focused on several key objectives:

Brand Enhancement: CPHR Manitoba aimed to elevate its brand and reinforce its mission through a series of compelling videos. The goal was to illustrate the transformative impact of the CPHR designation in the human resources field.

Targeted Promotion: The video series was intended to actively promote the CPHR designation in Manitoba, highlighting its importance and benefits to HR professionals and business leaders alike.

Membership Growth: An underlying aim was to contribute to the growth of CPHR’s membership numbers by demonstrating the tangible benefits of having CPHR-certified professionals within organizations.

Crafting the Narrative

The Coelement team, in collaboration with CPHR Manitoba, devised a storytelling approach that was both engaging and impactful:

Cinematic Storytelling: The “I am a CPHR” series utilized a cinematic style, crafting fast-paced, dynamic narratives that were both informative and visually stimulating. Each video presented a first-person perspective, providing a personal and intimate insight into the professional journey of CPHR members.

Authentic Narratives: The focus was on genuine storytelling. The first video featured Kimberley Levasseur Puhach, CPHR – Vice President of People, Culture, and Growth at The Canadian Museum for Human Rights, sharing her professional experiences and the impact of the CPHR designation on her career and her unique perspective as an indigenous woman.

The second video featured Dr. Lana Adeleye-Olusae, the Director of Human Resources at the Manitoba Museum.

The third video featured Kristianne Dechant, Executive Director and CEO at Liquor, Gaming, and Cannabis Authority of Manitoba. 

Short and Punchy Format: Recognizing the importance of audience engagement, the videos were designed to be short yet impactful, ensuring that the core message was communicated effectively and memorably.

Achieving Impactful Results

The “I am a CPHR” video series achieved remarkable outcomes:

Enhanced Brand Visibility: The series successfully elevated the CPHR brand, positioning it as a crucial certification in the HR field. The videos effectively communicated the value and prestige of the CPHR designation to a broad audience.

Increased Membership Interest: The compelling narratives and cinematic quality of the videos sparked increased interest in CPHR Manitoba’s membership, particularly among HR professionals and business leaders who recognized the benefits of having CPHR-certified team members.

Positive Feedback and Engagement: The series received positive feedback from viewers, with many citing the authenticity and dynamism of the storytelling as key factors in their engagement and subsequent interest in the CPHR designation.