CASE STUDY: Lands’ End Workwear

“We Are Boston Duck Tours”

“We Are Boston Duck Tours” is a purpose-driven story that celebrates the iconic Boston Duck Tours, the dedicated team behind it and how Lands’ End Outfitters helps them stand out and stay comfortable on the job.

This case study explores the marketing challenges Lands’ End Outfitters was faced with and the impactful storytelling approach we employed to create a video that embodies the heritage, unity, and spirit of this beloved Boston attraction, while showcasing Lands’ End Outfitters unique value to their customers.

Discovering the Challenges

During our initial project assessment, we identified several key challenges that needed to be addressed:

  1. Capturing the Essence of Boston Duck Tours: We aimed to showcase the unique experience and cultural significance of Boston Duck Tours. The challenge was to authentically capture the essence of the tours, blending history, entertainment, and the spirit of Boston. The goal was to create a video that resonated with both locals and visitors, highlighting the attraction’s rich heritage.
  2. Unifying the Team: Another challenge was to highlight the dedicated individuals behind Boston Duck Tours and their passion for delivering exceptional experiences. We wanted to showcase the diverse roles within the team, from the drivers to the support staff, emphasizing their shared commitment to creating memorable moments for guests.
  3. Amplifying the Workwear: As this project was commissioned by Lands’ End Outfitters, we needed to subtly incorporate their line of performance workwear into the video. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate the apparel while keeping the focus on the people and the overall experience of the tours.

The Storytelling Concept

To overcome these challenges, we developed a compelling storytelling concept that showcased the heritage, unity, and spirit of Boston Duck Tours:

  1. Historical Narration: We decided to begin the video with a historical narration, emphasizing the significance of the tours and their deep connection to the city. By delving into the history, we aimed to evoke a sense of pride and intrigue, setting the stage for the immersive experience that awaited guests.
  2. Personal Testimonials: To highlight the unity within the team, we conducted interviews with various Boston Duck Tours employees. Through their personal testimonials, we captured their enthusiasm, dedication, and shared commitment to providing an exceptional experience. Their stories served as a powerful testament to the positive impact the tours have on both guests and the team members themselves.
  3. Authentic Footage: We incorporated authentic footage of the Boston Duck Tours, showcasing the excitement and joy experienced by guests as they embarked on the tour. By capturing candid moments and genuine reactions, we aimed to convey the spirit and immersive nature of the attraction.
  4. Showcasing the Value of Lands’ End Outfitters: In addition to the challenges mentioned earlier, we had an additional objective: to highlight the value of partnering with Lands’ End Workwear for employee uniform needs. Recognizing the importance of this aspect, we carefully integrated the workwear into the “We Are Boston Duck Tours” video to showcase the benefits and professionalism it brings to businesses.

Throughout the video, we seamlessly incorporated Lands’ End Workwear into the employees’ uniforms, subtly emphasizing the durability, comfort, and functionality of the apparel. By featuring close-up shots and highlighting specific design elements, such as reinforced stitching and fabric quality, we aimed to convey the attention to detail that Lands’ End puts into their workwear.

To reinforce the value proposition for potential new business customers, we strategically included shots that showcased the employees’ pride and confidence while wearing Lands’ End Workwear. By visually representing the professionalism and cohesive brand image that the workwear brings to the team, we communicated the message that partnering with Lands’ End Workwear can enhance the overall appearance and brand identity of businesses.

Incorporating these elements into “We Are Boston Duck Tours” not only highlighted the unity and dedication of the team but also demonstrated the tangible benefits that businesses can gain by choosing Lands’ End Outfitters for their employee uniform needs. 

By showcasing the value of Lands’ End Workwear in a subtle yet impactful manner, the video resonated with potential clients, fostering a sense of trust and confidence in the brand’s offerings.


“We Are Boston Duck Tours” successfully achieved its objectives by capturing the essence of the tours, showcasing the unity of the team, and highlighting the value of partnering with Lands’ End Workwear. By skillfully integrating the workwear into the video, we communicated the durability, comfort, and professionalism it brings to businesses, appealing to potential new customers. If you are a business looking for employee uniform solutions that prioritize quality, comfort, and brand representation, Lands’ End Workwear is the perfect partner.