CASE STUDY: Agriculture in the Classroom – Mission Explorium

At Coelement, we believe in the transformative power of storytelling, especially when it involves fostering education and awareness. “Mission Explorium,” produced for Agriculture in the Classroom Canada, is a testament to our commitment to creating engaging content that goes beyond entertainment.

Understanding the Mission

Grade 6-8 classes from across the country will compete in the very first Mission Explorium. Through four weeks of cross-curricular activities, students will be challenged to build a sustainable community after landing on a deserted island. From there, Provincial Champions will be tasked with one further challenge and go head-to-head with their counterparts in the quest to crown a National Champion.

In collaboration with Agriculture in the Classroom Canada, Coelement embarked on a mission to develop this extensive animated educational video series that would captivate and educate students in various school divisions across the nation.

Crafting the Narrative

The “Mission Explorium” videos go beyond conventional educational content. Our team at Coelement meticulously crafted a narrative that not only informs but also entertains. Each video in the series dives into different agricultural facets, exploring ecology, sustainability, nutrition, and the rich cultural traditions surrounding food. Through engaging storytelling, we aimed to make learning about agriculture an exciting and memorable experience.

Results and Impact

The impact of “Mission Explorium” extends beyond the screen. This video series not only showcases diverse motion graphic styles, playful character designs and humorous dialogue, but also aims to cultivate a deeper understanding of agriculture. 

As students across the nation engage with the videos, we anticipate Agriculture in the Classroom Canada will witness a surge in interest and participation in their national competition. The first Mission Explorium is underway and over 6,200 students from 280 classrooms across the country will embark on a sustainability journey!