Assiniboine Credit Union

“Money Doing More”

This case study highlights the collaboration with Honest Agency, and Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) in creating a powerful video project titled “Money Doing More.” The objective was to raise awareness about ACU’s vision of inclusivity, progressiveness, community focus, and commitment to sustainability. Through a visually captivating approach, clean design, impactful motion graphics, and inspiring music, we aimed to bring Honest Agency’s vision to life and help ACU inspire positive change.

Discovering the Challenges

During our initial meetings with Honest Agency, we explored the core challenges and objectives for the “Money Doing More” video project:

  1. Spreading Awareness: ACU desired a video that would effectively communicate their values and vision to a wide audience. They sought to highlight their commitment to social and environmental responsibility, while showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact within the community.
  2. Visualizing the Vision: ACU wanted a visual representation of their brand that would resonate with viewers and leave a lasting impression. They desired a clean, modern design that would evoke a sense of trust, inclusivity, and progressiveness, while visually conveying the importance of sustainable practices.
  3. Inspiring Action: The video needed to inspire viewers to take action and consider ACU as a financial institution aligned with their values. ACU aimed to encourage individuals to join their movement of positive change and make a difference in their own lives and communities.

The Storytelling Approach

Honest Agency developed a stunning visual approach for the projecyt that would effectively communicate ACU’s vision and engage viewers on an emotional level. Our objective was to work with these design assets and create a beautiful motion graphics-based video that would leave a lasting impression and inspire action. The visual approach encompassed:

  1. Clean Design: Honest Agency crafted a visually captivating experience with a clean, modern design aesthetic. By employing simple, sleek visuals, we aimed to convey ACU’s commitment to simplicity, transparency, and clarity in their approach to financial services.
  2. Impactful Motion Graphics: To bring ACU’s vision to life, we integrated the Honest Agency design elements and created dynamic and engaging motion graphics video. These animations reinforced key messages in a visually appealing manner, and added a spark of creativity to the storytelling.
  3. Inspiring Music: We carefully selected an inspiring and uplifting musical track that would complement the ACU brand story and evoke a sense of hope, empowerment, and unity. The music served as a powerful backdrop, enhancing the emotional impact of the video.

Results and Impact

The “Money Doing More” video project produced remarkable results and had a significant impact on Assiniboine Credit Union (ACU) and its audience. Let’s explore the outcomes and the lasting impact of this collaborative endeavor:

  1. Increased Awareness: The video successfully raised awareness about ACU’s vision of inclusivity, progressiveness, community focus, and commitment to sustainability. Through targeted promotion and the video’s compelling storytelling, ACU reached a wider audience and introduced their values and mission to individuals who may not have been previously familiar with the organization.
  2. Positive Brand Perception: The visually captivating and emotionally engaging nature of the video enhanced ACU’s brand perception. The clean design, impactful motion graphics, and inspiring music resonated with viewers, evoking trust and conveying ACU’s dedication to transparency, simplicity, and responsible financial practices. The video effectively positioned ACU as a progressive financial institution aligned with the values of its target audience.
  3. Sustainable Mindset: The “Money Doing More” video effectively communicated ACU’s commitment to sustainability and responsible environmental practices. By visually showcasing ACU’s efforts and initiatives in this regard, the video encouraged viewers to adopt a more sustainable mindset and consider the environmental impact of their financial decisions. This contribution to sustainable thinking aligned with ACU’s values and helped inspire positive change in consumer behavior.