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Coelement is a strategic and creative storytelling partner for marketing agencies, PR firms and purpose-driven organizations.

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We help you and your people tell exceptional purpose-driven stories, so you can inspire and galvanize the people that matter most.

There is now unequivocal proof that companies leading with purpose will prevail in the new economy. We’re here to fuel the movement.

We’re on a mission to bolster the challengers. The courageous leaders and organizations that believe deeply in their higher-purpose to drive business success, social responsibility and positive change in the world.

We collaborate with bold and courageous brands that believe in our purpose as much as we believe in theirs.

Storytelling for Good.
This Is Our Purpose.

 Learn how we’re redefining what it means to be a boutique video agency. 

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“From the moment we met with the Coelement Team, it was clear they were different. Not only did they deliver the highest quality service and production value, but also a genuine commitment and passion for telling our story with heart, compassion and emotion. As a purpose-driven organization today, collaborating with a creative firm rooted in deep authenticity and purpose was a game changer.”

Jane Marion

Executive Director, Big Brothers Big Sisters Winnipeg


“Coelement combines their strategic expertise with their talent for exceptional storytelling to elevate every project we work on with them. They come to the creative table with insights and ideas that are immediately actionable and overwhelmingly impactful to the final product. I highly recommend them.”

Callum Beattie

Partner, Honest Agency


“Coelement consistently delivers amazing creative on time and on budget. They are a pleasure to work with, and a testament to the power of collaboration.”

Joel Gendron

Design Services Supervisor, Manitoba Hydro


"Adam and his team already model an impressive amount of passion, purpose and empathy in their storytelling — collaborating with them is a great way to draw out the human element in a narrative, as their professionalism helps ensure a finished piece that resonates with the target audience. The move to align with socially conscious organizations — and to be a force for positive change in the world — seems an exciting and logical next step in Coelement’s evolution.”

David Schmeichel

Manager, Marketing and Creative at Red River College