Stories For Change: BizforClimate

At the heart of our Stories for Change initiative lies a profound belief: that stories have the power to connect, to motivate, and to inspire action. It was with this belief that we embarked on a unique collaboration with BizforClimate, an organization driven by a vision to mobilize the business community towards climate action.





At the helm of Biz orClimate is Derek Earl, a figure of relentless dedication, visionary leadership and commitment to make the world a better place. When the team and I decided to make BizForClimate one our of 2024 StoriesforChange partners, we understood that this wasn’t just any other video project, it needed to be a passionate effort to amplify their mission. A calling to stand alongside those who envision a greener, more sustainable planet.

Crafting a Story of Impact

Our goal was clear: to craft a narrative that not only tells the story of Biz for Climate but also galvanizes viewers into action. The Climate Action Pledge became our narrative focal point, a symbol of commitment and unity against the backdrop of climate change.

As we delved into the storytelling process, Derek’s passion and the mission of BizforClimate became the heart and soul of our creation. The video was not just about a pledge; it was about hope, action, and the collective power of businesses to enact change.


A Reflection of Our Shared Vision

We are so incredibly proud of this collaboration with BizforClimate. It is a reflection of our deep-seated commitment to supporting initiatives that seek not just to tell stories, but to make a difference in the world. As we prepare to release this video, it represents not just the culmination of creative and strategic efforts, but a story of hope. It is a call to action for every business, every individual, to stand up for our planet.

Looking Ahead

We stand at a pivotal moment in time, where the actions we take today will shape the future of our planet. Through the Stories for Change initiative, and collaborations like the one with BizforClimate, we reaffirm our dedication to using storytelling as a tool for advocacy, for change, and for a better world.

I urge you, as part of our community and as stewards of the planet, to watch this story unfold. Let it move you, let it inspire you, and let it remind you of the power of collective action. Together, let’s answer the call of the future, and let’s do it with the conviction that our stories, our actions, can indeed make a difference.

Please join us in supporting Biz for Climate’s mission by signing the Climate Action Pledge. Together, we can write a better story for our planet.