Storytelling for Good.
This is our Purpose.

Our Promise

To create impactful work for our clients, our employees and our communities for the advancement of social justice, climate protection and human prosperity.


We are living in a world of unprecedented change. Political unrest, social justice issues and the climate crisis continue to make headlines, adding fuel to the anxiety and uncertainty in the world. We have been deeply compelled to change with these times and make the profound and courageous shift as a creative firm to focus our unique storytelling skills and expertise for doing good in the world. To provide exceptional strategy, creative and storytelling services to our clients, while creating and driving whatever positive change we can through our work, for future generations.
While this idea was sparked in 2017, our progress to make this a reality was accelerated by the COVID-19 Pandemic, as we began to codify what would become a new strategic and creative practice, one built on the 25+ years of successful storytelling for brands and organizations we have come to be known for, but with a redirected focus to make the world a better place.
Our solidified belief is that businesses and organizations, of any kind, can and should be used as a force for good in the world, and it is in their best interest to do so. The private sector of innovative and resilient businesses carry an extraordinary power (through the development of their remarkable products and services) to drive positive change when governments fall short. And through courageous, creative thinking and innovation, they can achieve all of this; while growing, prospering and providing shareholder value. This is the future of business as we see it, and we seek to become not only a strategic partner and facilitator of this movement, but a powerful voice for the proliferation and advancement of these ideas in our local community, our country and around the world.
This is our path forward, and we encourage all of our clients, partners and suppliers to join us on this journey.

Adam Duguay
Principal | Executive Producer
Coelement Inc.

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Our Values

Outstanding Service

We strive to provide outstanding and exceptional creative service. It is truly ingrained into everything we do and penetrates our entire business top to bottom. It’s rooted in a deep understanding that to create long lasting client relationships that endure, we must meet our clients needs well and provide remarkable working experiences that leave them feeling satisfied, happy and taken care of.

Giving Back

We believe all businesses have a responsibility to give back to their local community. Our annual fundraising initiative “Stories for Change” helps nonprofit organizations in our community focused on positive social and environmental impact.
We plan to commit to and  grow this initiative annually, slowly and strategically engaging charitable partners in collaboration with The United Way and Spark. Learn more about our progress with Stories for Change here.


At Coelement, we’re proud and committed to providing equal access opportunities to everyone, regardless of gender, race, class, sexuality or disability. We’re also passionate about and advocates of communications and movements that promote the forward progress of inclusivity in our community and around the world.


The protection of our planet is an important and top priority for us as we strive to consistently act on and promote climate protection. We do this through our climate focused business practices, including becoming a completely digital (paperless) company,  promoting and supporting sustainable design, building practices, and encouraging sustainable transportation for our employees, suppliers and partners. 

Social Justice

We deeply believe that everyone deserves equal economic, political and social rights and opportunities. We promise, to the best of our abilities, to act on and promote the idea of fair and compassionate distribution of the fruits of economic growth to impact society, creating positive change to make our world a better place.


At Coelement, we recognize that we operate on Treaty One Land,  the ancestral and traditional homeland of Anishinaabe, Dakota, Cree and Métis. We honour and respect these lands and their traditional keepers. We further recognize that Indigenous People within Canada have been subject to a wide variety of human rights abuses since European contact and that those abuses have caused great harm. 
As storytellers, we’re committed to contributing our part to help progress on the path to reconciliation to promote healing and create a more equitable and inclusive society.