CASE STUDY: Bodylogix

“Clean. Trust. Performance.”

At Co., we have had the privilege of working with incredible brands and organizations dedicated to making a positive impact in peoples lives. One such brand that truly embodies the spirit of purpose-driven storytelling is BodyLogix. With their unwavering commitment to clean, trust, and performance, BodyLogix is redefining the wellness industry and inspiring individuals to unlock their true potential. In this case study, we explore our collaboration with BodyLogix to create a series of captivating videos that complemented their product launch on and, engaging high-performance athletes and online customers alike.

Discovering the Challenges

BodyLogix approached us during a pivotal moment in their marketing journey. With their complete line of supplements and protein powders ready to launch on Amazon, they needed dynamic and product-focused videos to enhance their Amazon sales pages and connect with their target audience of high-performance athletes. Our challenge was to create a series of videos that not only showcased the brand’s values but also resonated with their online customers, conveying the quality and integrity behind the BodyLogix products.

The Goal

Our goal for the Bodylogix project was twofold. Firstly, we aimed to create a series of compelling videos that would effectively showcase the brand’s product line and engage their target audience of high-performance athletes. These videos would serve as a powerful tool to drive sales and generate excitement around Bodylogix’s launch on

Secondly, we aimed to tell a story that aligned with Bodylogix’s values of Clean, Trust, and Performance. By capturing the essence of the brand through intense training sessions with diverse athlete ambassadors, we sought to create a narrative that would resonate with viewers on a deeper level. The overarching objective was to establish Bodylogix as more than just a brand, but as a movement that inspires individuals to embrace wellness, unlock their potential, and strive for greatness.

The Storytelling Concept

To effectively communicate the essence of the BodyLogix brand, we developed a compelling storytelling concept. Our goal was to engage the target audience by conveying the brand’s core message while highlighting its unique qualities. Leveraging the brand’s established tagline, “Clean. Trust. Performance.,” we crafted a narrative that would leave a lasting impact on viewers and strengthen their connection with the BodyLogix brand.

The concept centered around capturing intense training sessions featuring a diverse group of BodyLogix athlete ambassadors. By showcasing athletes from various backgrounds and disciplines, we aimed to promote diversity, inclusivity, and the universal pursuit of health and fitness. This approach aligned perfectly with BodyLogix’s commitment to embracing wellness and striving for greatness.

Through cinematic production techniques, we captured the determination and resilience of the athletes during their intense training sessions. The visuals showcased the athletes’ unwavering dedication, reinforcing the association between BodyLogix and high-performance lifestyles. The footage, integrated with our storytelling strategy, created a cohesive and powerful brand experience that resonated with the target audience, fostering trust and inspiring individuals to embark on their own transformative journeys.

Additionally, we create a unique video for each Bodylogix supplement product to be displayed on the it’s respective Amazon sales page.

Results and Impact

The collaboration with BodyLogix resulted in a series of captivating videos that successfully conveyed the brand’s values and engaged their online customers. The videos showcased the quality and integrity behind the BodyLogix products, establishing a sense of trust and authenticity among high-performance athletes.

Upon the launch of the videos on and, BodyLogix experienced a significant increase in customer engagement and sales. The visually striking footage, coupled with a compelling narrative, captured the attention of the target audience and showcased the brand’s commitment to helping individuals unlock their true potential. Moreover, the videos resonated beyond the online marketplace, with viewers sharing their own stories of transformation and tagging BodyLogix on social media platforms. The brand’s reach expanded as a result, attracting new customers and creating a supportive community around the BodyLogix movement.


BodyLogix’s collaboration with our video and storytelling agency exemplifies the power of purpose-driven storytelling in creating a meaningful brand experience. By crafting a compelling narrative and showcasing the dedication of BodyLogix athlete ambassadors, we were able to engage the target audience and establish BodyLogix as a trusted and inspiring brand in the wellness industry. This case study serves as a testament to the transformative potential of purpose-driven storytelling and the impact it can have on brands, businesses, and not-for-profits alike.