CASE STUDY: Lands’ End Workwear

“Build With Confidence”

This case study explores our creative collaboration with  Lands’ End Workwear and Sanborn Canoe Company, a pioneering canoe and accessory company based in Minnesota, USA. Through the “Build With Confidence” project, we aimed to showcase the craftsmanship, durability, and functionality of Lands’ End Workwear while highlighting the inspiring story of Sanborn Canoe Company.

Discovering the Challenges

During the project’s initial phase, we examined the marketing and communication challenges faced by Lands’ End Workwear.  Here are the key challenges we identified:

  1. Highlighting Durability and Functionality: Our objective was to effectively showcase the durability and functionality of Lands’ End Workwear in action. We sought to demonstrate how their workwear excels in physically demanding tasks while ensuring comfort and mobility.
  2. Conveying the Craftsmanship Story: We wanted to convey the passion and commitment of Sanborn Canoe Company to its handcrafted, high-quality canoes. The challenge was to highlight the shared values of Sanborn Canoe Company and Lands’ End Workwear, emphasizing their meticulous craftsmanship and attention to detail.
  3. Engaging the Target Audience: Our focus was on engaging professionals in various industries who value durability, reliability, and style in their workwear. We needed to create a narrative that resonated with their aspirations and showcased the practical benefits of Lands’ End Workwear in their everyday work lives.

The Storytelling Concept

Drawing inspiration from the partnership between Lands’ End Workwear and Sanborn Canoe Company, we crafted a powerful narrative that connected deeply with the target audience. To complement the visuals, we enlisted a skilled voice-over artist with a tone that resonated with the creative and engaged the viewers’ emotions.

As the video showcased the process of building a canoe, the voice-over artist would narrate a captivating story. The narrative would weave together the attributes of Lands’ End Workwear with the craftsmanship of Sanborn Canoe Company, creating a seamless connection. The voice-over artist’s tone would be authentic, sincere, and relatable, amplifying the emotional impact of the visuals and connecting directly with the target audience.

The narrative would emphasize the shared values of both companies, portraying a commitment to quality, craftsmanship, and the confidence their products instill in users. By highlighting the journey of skilled craftsmen wearing Lands’ End Workwear, the video would showcase the workwear’s durability, functionality, and style in a practical and aspirational manner.

This storytelling approach aimed to forge a powerful connection with the target audience. It would evoke a sense of pride, resilience, and dedication, resonating with professionals who value quality workwear that enables them to perform their tasks with confidence. By aligning the narrative with their aspirations, the video would inspire and engage viewers, creating a lasting impact.

Results and Impact

The “Build With Confidence” video project created a significant impact, achieving remarkable results for both Lands’ End Workwear and Sanborn Canoe Company. Here are the key outcomes

  1. Increased Brand Awareness: The video project effectively increased brand awareness for both Lands’ End Workwear and Sanborn Canoe Company. The captivating narrative, coupled with the visually stunning visuals, garnered attention from the target audience and beyond. Viewers were captivated by the storytelling approach, creating a lasting impression of the craftsmanship and durability of Lands’ End Workwear, as well as the innovation and artistry of Sanborn Canoe Company.
  2. Enhanced Emotional Connection: The carefully crafted narrative, complemented by the voice-over artist’s engaging tone, established a deep emotional connection with the target audience. Professionals who value quality workwear and appreciate the craftsmanship and dedication that go into creating exceptional products resonated with the story. This emotional connection fostered brand loyalty and advocacy, as viewers associated the values and aspirations depicted in the video with both Lands’ End Workwear and Sanborn Canoe Company.
  3. Increased Sales and Business Opportunities: The “Build With Confidence” video project had a positive impact on sales and business opportunities for both brands. The engaging storytelling, coupled with the visuals highlighting the functionality and style of Lands’ End Workwear, prompted viewers to consider the brand for their workwear needs. Additionally, Sanborn Canoe Company benefited from increased exposure, generating inquiries and business inquiries from individuals inspired by their craftsmanship.
  4. Strengthened Collaboration and Partnerships: The collaboration between Lands’ End Workwear and Sanborn Canoe Company was further strengthened through the video project. By showcasing the shared values and commitment to excellence, the project deepened the partnership between the two brands. The success of the collaboration inspired further opportunities for joint initiatives and future projects, leveraging each brand’s unique strengths and capabilities.
  5. Inspiring Industry Recognition: The “Build With Confidence” video project received industry recognition and accolades for its exceptional storytelling and production value.