“You. The Bike. The Beat.”

In the world of fitness, standing out and connecting with your target audience is vital. WPG Cycle, an innovative Spin Cycle company, understood this challenge and sought to create a captivating video series to fuel their Instagram recruitment campaign and attract new members. At Coelement, we worked closely with WPG Cycle’s ownership to inspire their community of riders and tell the story of WPG Cycle. Join us as we explore the journey of creating the “You. The Bike. The Beat.” video series and its impact on driving new membership.

Discovering the Challenges

Collaborating with WPG Cycle, we embarked on a discovery process to understand their marketing and communication challenges. Here’s what we uncovered:

  1. Standing Out in a Competitive Market: WPG Cycle faced the task of distinguishing themselves in a crowded fitness market. They needed a video series that would grab attention, showcase their unique spin cycle experience, and entice potential members to join their vibrant community.
  2. Inspiring Connection: To attract new members, it was crucial to establish an emotional connection. We aimed to convey the passion, energy, and camaraderie that WPG Cycle’s riders experienced during their spin classes. The goal was to inspire viewers and demonstrate the positive impact that joining this community could have on their lives.
  3. Fueling an Instagram Recruitment Campaign: WPG Cycle had identified Instagram as a key platform for reaching their target audience. We needed to create a video series that would be shareable, engaging, and capture the essence of the WPG Cycle experience in short, attention-grabbing segments.

The Storytelling Concept

Working closely with WPG Cycle’s ownership, we developed the “You. The Bike. The Beat.” video series to ignite the imagination and curiosity of potential new members. The videos aimed to showcase the exhilarating and transformative experience of WPG Cycle’s spin classes, as well as the vibrant community that thrived within their studio walls.

Drawing inspiration and stories from the WPG Cycle’s very own Ride Coaches, who act as powerful ambassadors for the brand,  we captured the raw emotions, energy, and determination that fueled their passion for spinning. The videos showcased individual stories, highlighting the personal reasons why each rider chose to join WPG Cycle and embrace the spin cycle revolution.

We emphasized the physical, mental, and emotional benefits that Ride Coaches experienced, evoking a sense of empowerment and camaraderie. 

The “You. The Bike. The Beat.” video series was designed to be highly shareable on Instagram, with short, impactful segments that captured the essence of the WPG Cycle experience. By incorporating dynamic visuals, energizing music, and authentic rider testimonials, we created an immersive viewing experience that resonated with viewers and left a lasting impression.

Results and Impact

The “You. The Bike. The Beat.” video series proved to be a game-changer for WPG Cycle, yielding remarkable results for their Instagram recruitment campaign:

  1. Increased Membership: The video series effectively captured the attention of potential new members, driving a significant increase in memberships for WPG Cycle. The authentic storytelling and vibrant visuals inspired viewers to become a part of the spin cycle revolution.
  2. Engaged Community: The video series fostered a sense of connection and community among current and prospective riders. By sharing the personal stories and experiences of existing members, the series created an inclusive environment that encouraged viewers to join the movement.
  3. Elevated Brand Perception: WPG Cycle’s brand perception soared as a result of the video series. The engaging and inspiring content showcased the unique attributes of their spin cycle experience, setting them apart from competitors and positioning them as leaders in the industry.