CASE STUDY: University of Manitoba РPaediatric Residency Program

Our collaboration with the University of Manitoba’s Paediatrics Residency Program is a great example of how we like to approach projects aimed at recruitment and retention. In this case study, we will explore our approach to showcasing the program’s strengths and the unique qualities of Winnipeg as a place to live, work and play –¬† ultimately attracting top-tier applicants to the program.

Discovering the Challenges

The Paediatrics Residency Program at the University of Manitoba faced the challenge of attracting and engaging new applicants while highlighting Winnipeg as an ideal destination for education, work, and life. Our task was to create a video that would captivate potential candidates and showcase the program’s educational environment and value proposition.

The Goal

Our primary goal was to create a video that would effectively highlight the program’s unique curriculum, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and clinical experiences. Additionally, we aimed to showcase the unique benefits and qualities of living in Winnipeg as a medical student.

The Storytelling Concept

To tackle the challenge, we collaborated closely with the program’s leadership, developing a powerful storytelling concept centered around a personal story. We chose to feature Dr. Amarjot Padda, a current Resident, whose exceptional experience with the program served as an inspiration for prospective applicants.

Dr. Padda’s personal story became the heart of the video, evoking emotions and establishing a connection with the audience. Through her narrative, we emphasized the transformative journey experienced by residents within the Paediatrics Residency Program. We showcased the mentorship, support, and hands-on learning opportunities that were integral to Dr. Padda’s growth as a paediatrician.

In addition to Dr. Padda’s story, we carefully integrated elements that highlighted the program’s curriculum, faculty expertise, research opportunities, and clinical experiences. By seamlessly combining these components, the video effectively communicated the program’s unique value proposition, while fostering a sense of community and camaraderie within the program.

Results and Impact

The video we created for the University of Manitoba’s Paediatrics Residency Program achieved remarkable results. It not only captivated potential applicants but also successfully showcased the program’s strengths and the vibrant qualities of Winnipeg. The video received widespread recognition, generating significant interest from top-tier medical students and reinforcing the program’s reputation as a world-class institution.

By incorporating powerful storytelling and highlighting Dr. Padda’s personal experience, we successfully connected with top tier medical students, evoking emotions and creating a lasting impact. The video effectively conveyed the program’s educational excellence, collaborative environment, and the unique advantages of living in Winnipeg, making it an attractive choice for aspiring paediatricians.


Our collaboration with the University of Manitoba’s Paediatrics Residency Program exemplifies our commitment to purpose-driven storytelling. By harnessing the power of personal narratives and combining them with essential program elements, we created a captivating video that successfully attracted top-tier applicants.

If you are seeking a creative and impactful approach to showcase your brand, business, or organization, we are ready to help you unlock the potential of purpose-driven storytelling. Together, let’s create a compelling narrative that resonates with your target audience and achieves your goals..