CASE STUDY: Office of the Mayor of Winnipeg

“1-Million Strong”

This case study showcases a collaborative video project undertaken by Coelement and the Office of the Mayor of Winnipeg. The video was created to accompany Bryan Bowman’s second campaign launch for the Mayor of Winnipeg in October 2018. Our goal was to develop a compelling and emotionally resonant story that would deeply connect with Winnipeggers, inspiring them to support Bowman’s re-election campaign.

Discovering the Challenges

Working closely with the Office of the Mayor, we identified a key challenge: creating a video that would authentically resonate with the people of Winnipeg. The objective was to develop a narrative that would inspire citizens by showcasing Mayor Bowman’s vision for the city, his dedication to public service, and his commitment to improving the lives of Winnipeggers.

The Storytelling Concept

In close collaboration with the Office of the Mayor, Coelement embarked on developing an inspiring and powerful narrative that would deeply connect with the citizens of Winnipeg. We recognized the importance of crafting a story that not only showcased Mayor Bowman’s accomplishments but also painted a vivid picture of his vision for the future of the city.

To achieve this, we worked closely with Mayor Bowman to create a compelling spoken word segment, in which he passionately outlined his vision for Winnipeg’s future. With a resolute goal of growing the city to “1 million strong,” he articulated his commitment to fostering economic growth, promoting inclusivity, and enhancing the quality of life for all Winnipeggers.

To amplify the impact of the spoken word segment, we carefully selected footage that showcased the diversity and vibrancy of Winnipeg. 

By combining compelling visuals with Mayor Bowman’s heartfelt message, we aimed to evoke a sense of pride, unity, and shared aspirations among the citizens.

Results and Impact

The video campaign developed by Coelement in collaboration with the Office of the Mayor of Winnipeg had a profound impact on the community, generating significant results and fostering a sense of collective enthusiasm and support. Here are the key outcomes and the lasting impact of the campaign:

  1. Engaged Citizenry: The video successfully engaged Winnipeggers, capturing their attention and igniting their passion for the city’s future. The powerful spoken word segment delivered by Mayor Bowman resonated deeply with viewers, inspiring them to become active participants in shaping the city’s growth and development.
  2. Amplified Reach: Through strategic dissemination across various platforms, including social media, campaign events, and the campaign website, the video reached a wide audience. It sparked conversations, generated buzz, and increased awareness about Mayor Bowman’s vision and re-election campaign.
  3. Inspired Confidence: The video instilled confidence in the electorate by showcasing Mayor Bowman’s unwavering commitment to the city’s progress. The combination of personal stories, Mayor Bowman’s passionate delivery, and the visuals portraying a thriving Winnipeg left citizens feeling assured that their aspirations and well-being were in capable hands.
  4. Increased Support: The campaign video played a crucial role in rallying support for Mayor Bowman’s re-election bid. Winnipeggers were moved by the inspiring narrative, and it resonated with their hopes for a prosperous and inclusive city. As a result, the campaign witnessed a surge in grassroots support, volunteerism, and financial contributions.
  5. Stronger Sense of Community: The video campaign fostered a stronger sense of community and unity among Winnipeggers. It created a shared narrative of collective growth and prosperity, encouraging citizens to actively participate in building a brighter future. The campaign helped break down barriers and inspired residents from diverse backgrounds to come together around a common vision.
  6. Long-lasting Legacy: Beyond the immediate impact on the re-election campaign, the video left a lasting legacy. It contributed to shaping the narrative and perception of Winnipeg as a city with immense potential and a strong sense of community. The video inspired citizens to continue engaging in civic matters, encouraging active participation and collaboration.

Ultimately, the video campaign played a significant role in Mayor Bowman’s successful re-election bid. With the support and enthusiasm garnered through the campaign, Mayor Bowman emerged victorious and was re-elected as Mayor for a second term. The video’s ability to connect deeply with Winnipeggers and inspire them to rally behind Mayor Bowman’s vision contributed to his electoral success.