Coelement is a digital creative company focused on public engagement and knowledge translation.

We simplify complex ideas and promote behavioural change through videos and digital experiences.

Videos for Understanding

Coelement creates videos that promote understanding, insight, and self-discovery. Through powerful visual storytelling, we trigger emotions and inspire change.

Interactivity for Engagement

Coelement creates interactive experiences, such as mobile apps and interactive video, that enhance learning and engagement. We create tools for change.

Latest Insights

Can a Video Trigger Behavioural Change?

Changing behavior is never easy. Ask any dieter, smoker or chronic email checker – habits are hard to break. Our brains are designed to recognize patterns and repetition, and they actually reward us with feelings of comfort and security when we fall into familiar patterns. Conversely, when we try something new, our brains often create… Read more »

Using Facebook Video for Content Marketing

Facebook can be an incredibly effective platform for reaching a defined audience. In fact, other than Google, I don’t think there’s a better one out there. The ability to target your posts or ads not only based on the location and demographics of your target audience, but on its interests and behaviours, is incredibly powerful…. Read more »

Strong Emotions, Dancing Babies, and the Science of Video Sharing

What makes a video go viral? Does our existing knowledge of advertising and buyer behaviour hold any relevance in the social web? Does it take kittens or babies on roller skates to get people’s attention these days? Dr. Karen Nelson-Field’s new book, Viral Marketing: The Science of Sharing, answers these questions and backs it all… Read more »

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